1. How to create success in your life
    19 Oct, 2016
    How to create success in your life
    Success is a tricky word.For some people it may mean one thing and for other people a complete different one. For me, success is aligned with being happy, being healthy, have a happy family and help other people. Much like happiness, for me success is being in the present moment and accepting things the way they are instead of wanting them to be different. Of course, success can mean a completely different thing for everybody else. What is true for everybody is that if we have the right mindset
  2. 9 phrases to avoid
    09 Sep, 2016
    9 phrases to avoid
    We set goals. We have great ideas. We want to build things (literally and figuratively). All of that is fantastic until we have to set it into action. Most of the time what we are set to do doesn't work out because of what we are telling to ourselves all the time -and most of the time we don't even realize it! ​Every time  I speak in public I always ask people to think of the person they care the most about (your mom, daughter, son, dad, spouse, best friend...) and then I ask them if they would
  3. Monday Motivation
    08 Feb, 2016
    Monday Motivation
    “What we think we become” Buddha Sometimes we focus too much in everything we are not: I am not smart enough, skilled enough, bold enough to… (fill in the blank), the kind of person who wins things, the kind of person who works out regularly, good at math, good enough, popular enough, worthy, young enough… Dennis Waitley said “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”. Telling yourself what you are not only makes