1. Easy steps to have a happier day
    13 Oct, 2016
    Easy steps to have a happier day
    There’s so much negativity in the world right now. It’s important that you understand how significant the little things are in life and how they impact your overall level of happiness on a daily basis. I remember a time in my life when I was very unhappy. I didn't know I was that unhappy, I just know I used to complain a lot, I used to get upset when things didn't work out my way... and one day I asked a friend how was she doing and her answer was "magnificent. Everything is wonderful, my life
  2. Exercise, snack smart and stay motivated this upcoming week
    17 Sep, 2016
    Exercise, snack smart and stay motivated this upcoming week
    EXERCIZE TO ENERGIZE A friend of mine tried this workout in order to gain strength and she ended up losing 5 kilos (about 11 pounds). The key was consistency (As in everything!). Try it for yourself these two weeks and let us know your results!!! It has five days worth of workouts for the week, feel free to modify the days in the way that works better for you. MOTIVATION Raise Your Endurance. We tend to give up on goals when we don’t see results. Some people give up when they don’t see
  3. How to be the best version of yourself today
    12 Sep, 2016
    How to be the best version of yourself today
    This morning as I was coaching I realized I was not at my best. I am generally "on", I make jokes and have fun with the swimmers, and, most importantly, I feel like I am present watching each one of their strokes and correcting them so they can be better swimmers. Today, I just felt off. I don't know if I was tired from my long run yesterday (21miles at 88F kinda get you) or if the waking up in the wee hours is getting me. I just know I was there but I was not present. That's when I remembered
  4. 9 phrases to avoid
    09 Sep, 2016
    9 phrases to avoid
    We set goals. We have great ideas. We want to build things (literally and figuratively). All of that is fantastic until we have to set it into action. Most of the time what we are set to do doesn't work out because of what we are telling to ourselves all the time -and most of the time we don't even realize it! ​Every time  I speak in public I always ask people to think of the person they care the most about (your mom, daughter, son, dad, spouse, best friend...) and then I ask them if they would
  5. Monday Motivation: Be happy now
    28 Mar, 2016
    Monday Motivation: Be happy now
    I was at the track last Tuesday with a friend and she complimented the shorts I was wearing. She asked me if they were new and I replied "no, they were given to me 4 years ago but I like them so much I rarely wear them". We talked about how some times we "save" the things we like the most for later, for a special occasion, for a better time, when, in fact, we don't know if that time will arrive or if we will be here to enjoy it. All we have in NOW. I have seen many people working towards
  6. Monday Motivation 03/21
    21 Mar, 2016
    Monday Motivation 03/21
    “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson  Most of us tend to get carried away with the things we don’t like. We analyze them, think about them, talk about them… and this doesn’t really solve them or make them better; it’s actually the opposite: What you
  7. Monday Motivation
    08 Feb, 2016
    Monday Motivation
    “What we think we become” Buddha Sometimes we focus too much in everything we are not: I am not smart enough, skilled enough, bold enough to… (fill in the blank), the kind of person who wins things, the kind of person who works out regularly, good at math, good enough, popular enough, worthy, young enough… Dennis Waitley said “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”. Telling yourself what you are not only makes