1. PRP
    01 Mar, 2017
    Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is generally the day that I go to the track (generally because it varies according to how my body feels, however most Wednesdays I am there). Instead of going to the track I ran 12 hilly miles and then I went to get a PRP shot. Why? well,  about four weeks ago (the week of Mercedes Benz Half Marathon) I went out for a run before heading to Alabama. I noticed that my right achilles was hurting a little but I thought "must be the socks I am wearing" (note that i have
  2. Finding blessings
    20 Feb, 2017
    Finding blessings
    I am writing this blog on a Monday (two days before my 45th birthday!) and I realize this week I should be tapering for a half marathon I have been preparing for. But, instead, I am on mandatory rest because I have pneumonia (I am on the mend).  Two weeks ago I started not feeling good. Kevin and Kori had the flu so I thought I may be getting it as well. I took all the medicine I could find, I meditated, I rested as much as I could and I went to Alabama where I raced on a fever. This, of
  3. Who are you letting into your inner circle?
    14 Feb, 2017
    Who are you letting into your inner circle?
    It is human nature to want to be with other people. It is crucial to our well being to choose wisely the people we surround ourselves with. From the moment we are born we are surrounded by people: our parents, siblings, family. Then we go to school and we make friends. We choose to be with other people most of our lives, whether it is for hours at a time (friends, co workers, family members) or for longer than that. There is nothing better than to share a special moment with someone you love (I
  4. Lessons to learn for running and life
    12 Feb, 2017
    Lessons to learn for running and life
    As I am waiting for my flight to go back home, I realize I have enough time to write about the lesson learned today. It doesn’t matter if we are looking for a lesson or not, when we need to learn something life will find a way to teach you. Now, we can resist it and choose to play victim of our circumstances (complain, don’t understand why things happen to us, not even seeing that something happen!) or we can realize that the circumstances we are facing are here for a better purpose. I raced
  5. Steps to overcome a setback
    10 Feb, 2017
    Steps to overcome a setback
    Giving up on your goal because of one set back is like slashing your other three tires because one got a flat.  And while getting a flat and not being able to get to our destination when we want to is frustrating, it doesn't mean we will never get there or this will be the end of the road. I remember one Summer day in Arizona (keep in mind a summer Arizona day is more like being in hell). I was in Flagstaff with my daughter Kori and her friend Petra (they were about 8 and 6 at the time). I had
  6. Getting ahead of the game
    10 Sep, 2016
    Getting ahead of the game
    It's a general moral principle that the more power you have over someone, the greater your duty is to use that power benevolently. Well, who is the one person in the world you have the greatest power over? It's your future self. You hold that life in your hands, and what it will be depends on how you care for it. Remember: What you are right now (the way you look, the way you live, the way  you feel, the things you have) is a product of the decisions you made in the past. But what you are doing