Raising Our Endurance
Tere Zacher

In life, just as in athletics, many times we tend to give up on goals when we don’t see results. Some people give up when they don’t see a change overnight, while for others it might take several months to reach their breaking point.

​I have been there many times. From not sticking to Chinese classes because the process of learning the characters alone took forever (forget about the pronunciation!) to getting injured because I was not patient enough to follow the process of building up the miles, to quitting a great job because I was frustrated not getting the results/promotion I wanted when I wanted it... but, I am glad I have stuck to things because my goal was too important to me to quit on it because of hard times.

Yes, building endurance takes a lot of time, patience and, more important: belief. I had been told over and over again why I can't do things ("you don't have what it takes to be a swimmer", "Seriously? you want to run a 1:15 half marathon? Do you know how old you are?" (that last one by my former coach -needless to say he is not coaching me anymore! and yes, I know I am 44!!!!). Well, I don't know if things will happen, I just know I have to build the mental and the physical endurance to pursue them and keep believing they will happen (I did run the half under 1:15 (1:13.5 but who is counting?)  this year by the way).​ Was it easy? of course not. I had to endure not only miles in and miles out of training, but facing challenges (two injuries, a broken foot, asthma) along the way. Looking back, I am thankful for those challenges because they helped me raise my mental endurance and allowed me to learn important lessons along the way (patience, positive self talk, a huge amount of self belief).

See? It’s in raising our endurance that we become stronger, and grow closer to reaching our goals. If we persist when we feel like we can’t take it anymore and are ready to throw in the towel, that’s when we step into the miracle zone.

The great leaders of this world are the ones who had certainty, and never gave up just because they didn’t see results. It is through enduring efforts that we can see great accomplishments (just ask Thomas Alba Edison. Had he no have endurance, we wouldn't have a light bulb!).

When you see things that are getting in your way, think of them as challenges (and not obstacles) that will help you build endurance. Believe me, it's all worth it when you get to where you want to be.

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