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I read a story in a book by John Mason about a man who was walking trying to find success. He sees a guru on the road and asks him where is the road to success. Without speaking a word the guru points in a certain direction. The man starts walking and all of a sudden he falls into a hole. He comes back and asks again "Old man, Where is the real road of success?". The guru once again points in the same direction. The man walks and he falls again, this time deeper into the hole. When he crawls back he yells at the guru "I asked you what is the road to success and you pointed me right into a hole". This time the guru speaks: "Success is that way, just a little after the hole"

In my practice as a Sport Psychologist (or Mental Coach as I rather call myself) I have come across the same issue over and over again, regardless of what sport and at what level the athlete I am training is... furthermore, as an athlete myself I have come across the same issue over and over again: We can't control what happens to us. We can layout a plan to get where we want to go  and try to stick to it as much as we can. But, sometimes, life happens in a different way that what we had planned. That doesn't mean what you want is not meant to be, it's just that sometimes you have to wait a little longer, hustle a little more, have patience and keep believing in yourself and in your dream. Sometimes we have to fall to the hole to learn to walk around it in order to get to our goal. Remember, we can't control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it and whether or not to keep working for what we want.

How many times have you set out a goal, commit to it and as you are getting close find yourself in a hole (injury/illness/any kind of setback)? How many times you have tried to get somewhere and find out many obstacles that you weren't expecting? All of us have experienced in a way or another "falling into the hole", but what matters isn't in falling, it's what we do AFTER falling that makes all the difference. If you want to accomplish something in life be like the stone cutter: he hammers a rock hundreds of times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet the hundred and first blow it will split in two. The stone cutter knows it was not the last blow that di it, but all that had gone before (example taken from Jacob Rus).

Bottom line is all things come to those who persistently go after them. Perseverance is the result of a strong will. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Half effort doesn't produce half results. It produces no results. No one finds life worth living, you must make it worth living. Persistence can be a bitter plant but it has a sweet fruit. Persistent people begin their success where most others quit and many times success consists on hanging on one minute longer.

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