Monday Motivation
Tere Zacher


“What we think we become” Buddha

Sometimes we focus too much in everything we are not: I am not smart enough, skilled enough, bold enough to… (fill in the blank), the kind of person who wins things, the kind of person who works out regularly, good at math, good enough, popular enough, worthy, young enough…

Dennis Waitley said “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”.

Telling yourself what you are not only makes you feel inadequate and makes your confidence go down. We spent a lot of our time telling ourselves who we are not instead of focusing on who we really are and what kind of person we can become. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Focus more on everything you are and stop every time you catch yourself saying out loud (or thinking) about something you are not.


Acknowledge the truth about the internal dialogue you entertain and begin a new conversation with yourself:

Remind yourself of who you really are. Among other things, I know that I am…
smart, hard worker, resilient, kind, good friend, a good parent, funny, loving, a good cook, creative…

…and not only the things that are true and you can say about yourself, but also remind yourself of those things that are much harder to say out loud and try to say them, over and over, until you finally believe it. All day. Every day.

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